AI and the future of the classroom

256px-HAL9000An interesting article from Rose Luckin and Wayne Holmes on How We Get to Next, imagines what a classroom would look like in ten years time when robotic teaching assistants run on artificial intelligence, work alongside teachers to deliver personalised and highly targeted learning to digitally connected students.

A.I. is the New T.A. in the Classroom imagines a Year 4 classroom where a digital construct (“Colin”) works not as a new educational overlord but as a dedicated and benevolent assistant to the teacher (“Jude”) who in turn enjoys a significantly more insightful view of her students’ needs.

An interesting read which prompts a few immediate questions for me:

  • What access will different school communities have to A.I. resources?
  • Who will program A.I. services and how might this effect the way their role evolves? (Note this article is published “in association with Pearson”)
  • Given A.I. is based on deep learning, what happens as the “Colins” of our classrooms become rapidly more adept?
  • With all the power of A.I. why do we still imagine the majority of learning would still occur in physical classrooms like those we have today?
  • What are the potentials/implications if learning extends beyond the physical and organisational structures of our current school systems?

(Also published in the Learning Place 4 April 2017)


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